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There is no more exciting time than growing your family and adoption helps to make that dream a reality for many Texas couples and individuals. As you may have already realized during your preliminary Texas adoption research (or if you are in the process already), this is a very paperwork-heavy process that leaves little room for mistakes. Working with an experienced Texas adoption attorney can help you expedite the process, ensuring paperwork is done correctly and ultimately help make your desired adoption reality much quicker than if you were to try to navigate this confusing process on your own. JWC Legal can help with all these things.

 Types of Adoptions

 Married Couple (Traditional or Same Sex) adopting Non-Biological child or adult:

            This is often the most common form of adoption people think about when people mention "adoption." There are a lot of different types of adoptions to consider, including: foreign, domestic, open, closed, private or agency.  Currently, our firm, does not handle foreign adoptions. With recent Federal Law changes, the door opened for same-sex couples in Texas to seek adoptions has widened with ever growing case law leaning on all sides of the matter.  Consequently, all adoptions are placed and approved with a laser focus on "what is in the best interest of this child."  With that being said, every couple's situation is different (whether traditional or same sex and our firm is here to advocate on the behalf of all couples seeking to give a loving home to a child in need.

 Adopting an adult (yes it can be done), is usually something reserved for situations of inheritance in estate planning and to help with the care of an adult who is disabled or mentally unable to care for herself.  


Adult Individual or Married Couple adopting a Biological child or adult:

The adoption of a family member by another is a very common practice.  For example, a grandparent might adopt a grandchild because the child's parents died unexpectedly.

 Which type of Adoption is best for my family? What happens during the process?

Which type of adoption is best for your family depends entirely on you and what you are looking for and something we can explore together during your initial free phone consultation with JWC Legal. After the phone consultation, we will be able to schedule you for full in-office consultation and interview.  During this meeting we will have prepared material more relevant to you and your family's situation.  With any type of adoption, the process is intentionally comprehensive. Some of the checks and paperwork that go into any Texas adoption process includes:

 Comprehensive background checks: for obvious reasons, a thorough background check of the potential parent or parents is necessary to help with making the determination about whether the individual or couple would be a good fit for the child. More than just a basic criminal background check to see what your record looks like, this often also includes looking into any additional history you may have with parenting and children as well. If there is anything that might be questionable on your background or that of your partner, always let us know first and we can work on a way to explain things and keep the process moving forward.

  • Home visits: a home visit is a great way for an adoption agency to get a good feel for the living situation the child will be entering into. In addition to seeing the home environment, adoption agencies will want to see the whole family in the home and how everyone lives and interacts in the space. While you certainly don’t need to be a homeowner (renting an apartment is just fine) what agencies are looking for is a stable and loving living environment.
  • Checking references: talking to your friends and family is another way that adoption agencies get a feel for the type of person you are and the type of parent you will be. Don’t blindside your friends and family by forgetting to tell them about this important conversation they may be having in the near future.
  • Financial review: kids are expensive and while there isn’t a set number that you should be making, providing documentation that shows financial stability and responsibility both now and in the future is something that will be asked about and you should begin organizing this paperwork now.

 Whatever stage of the adoption process you are in, JWC Legal can help. The adoption process can be emotional, time-consuming and heartbreaking when something doesn’t work out. At JWC Legal, we know how invested individuals and families can become in this process and will do everything in our power to ensure that all your paperwork is properly filed and organized and also help prepare you for some of the other items listed above.

 If you are considering adoption or already in the process but frustrated with your current status, give JWC Legal a call today at (469) 215-7209 to your initial phone consultation.