At JWC Legal, we are here to handle a range of legal issues you and your loved ones may be dealing with at any given time. Our mission is simple—to get you a favorable resolution as quickly as possible. Whether you are looking to set up a living trust or dealing with a criminal felony charge, working with an experienced attorney is the first step in ensuring your interests are adequately represented.  Let our experience work for you.


At JWC Legal, our practice areas include:

Estate Planning: Probate, wills, trusts, special needs, living trusts and much more—every estate plan we work on is as unique as the client. And just as your life is constantly changing, so too should your estate plan to ensure that it reflects your most current situation. At JWC Legal, we understand that putting together an estate plan can be an emotional process for many and we are here to make certain that your Texas estate plan reflects your wishes while also taking advantage of relevant tax and other financial arrangements. Whether you are putting an estate plan together for the first time or a lot has changed since the last time you looked over things, we can help. In addition to setting up your plans for the future, we can also help guide individuals through the Texas probate process as well as help with questions and responsibilities as they relate to executors and trustees.

·     Consumer Protection: Dealing with endless harassment from debt collectors that just won’t leave you alone? Or having issues with a recent purchase and feel like you might have been cheated by an individual or company? Ensuring that your rights as a consumer are protected is an important aspect of our legal practice.  JWC Legal can help you finally put a stop to the harassment and retrieve or swindled loss funds (under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act).

·     Criminal Defense: What am I going to do now? That is the question we often hear from individuals and families dealing with any type of criminal charge. Take a deep breath—just because you are charged does not mean you will be convicted of a crime. The last thing you want to do in these cases is panic and accept the criminal charges against you—call us to fight for you! We handle everything from misdemeanor theft charges to DUI/DWI to major felonies (with the exception of sex offenses and murder charges) and can help guide you throughout the process and work to get the criminal charges against you reduced or dismissed.

·     Adoption: If you are looking to grow your family through adoption, look no further than JWC Legal to help you with the often confusing and paperwork-heavy legal process. From putting together all the necessary legal paperwork to connecting you to local resources, we can help make the adoption process go smoothly and quickly for you and your family.

 At JWC Legal, we are here to help with all your legal issues and the many questions that come with them. An initial phone consultation with us is always no charge! We understand how confusing and intimidating the law can be and are here to walk beside you and explain the process in a clear, straightforward manner. Give us a call now at (469) 215-7209 to learn more about your legal options.